• The care managers of Eldercare Made Simple geriatric care consultants work collaboratively with families and professionals to coordinate elderly services.

    Eldercare Made Simple brings over two decades of experience in the health care arena, with a focus on caring for the aging population.

    We are familiar with the needs of the elderly and the services available. Our knowledge is second to none. Call 203.388.8696 today to schedule a consultation.

    We are at your side when you need it the most.

  • How can Eldercare Made Simple geriatric care consultants help you?

    Onsite assessments and identification of need Care plan and recommendations Screen, arrange and monitor services Counseling, education and support Crisis intervention Advocacy and monitoring to assure quality of services Coordination of financial, legal, medical and community services Assistance with the selection and the move to or from a retirement community, assisted living community or skilled nursing facility Inventory and liquidate a household
  • Who needs the services of Eldercare Made Simple geriatric care consultants?

    A crisis has occurred, typically health related, no one knows what to do, uncertain whom to contact, and uncertain what services are available A loved one needs help and the primary support person lives too far away to provide assistance It is difficult to reach the physician and other professionals involved and you want to know what is happening You are concerned that a loved one is unable to continue to live independently and would like to investigate available options Out of town relatives receive frequent pleas for help from their loved ones and don't know where to turn As an attorney, durable power of attorney, guardian, financial advisor or trust officer you are uncertain what is best for your client's situation and you need a professional assessment, care plan and recommendations
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